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“We cover under-reported issues, confront outdated legislation, celebrate resilience, and explore the nuances of our collective humanity”


Ariana is a not-for-profit, bilingual magazine that explores social justice issues across Asia with a focus on Hong Kong and Macao. We strive to inform and empower readers through investigative features, powerful personal stories and evocative photography.

Shed light on injustices

Share real, personal stories

Cover underreported Issues

Confront outdated legislation

Redress gender equality

Inform and empower readers

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In Hong Kong, same-sex marriage is not recognised

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Asylum seekers do not have the right to work

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Women hold just 13.8% of Hang Seng Index company boards

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98% of domestic violence cases go unreported

A Woman In Black Dress Is Holding A Sonogram Of A Baby

10-week maternity leave is among the world’s shortest

Our team

Executive Director
Andrew Chiu
Mariana César de Sá
Managing Editor
Kate Springer
Gonçalo César de Sá
Deputy Editor
Cathy Lai
Features Editor
Samuel Miller
Correspondent and Editor
Crystal Tai
Rosa Chen
Regular Contributors
Andrea Lo, Kary Lam, Rafelle Allego, Rhea Mogul
Fernando Chan, Ines Campos Alves, Pierre Pang

Our readers

Ariana attracts ambitious, open-minded and curious readers who have a desire to understand our world on a deeper level.

I have seen far too many unjust situations in my career. Ariana is the first magazine dedicated to giving these issues the care, time and focus they deserve.

Patricia Ho
Human rights lawyer

Patricia Ho

We live in an age where fake news is rampant, which why high-quality publications like Ariana are all the more important.

Adam White, FCC Board Member
FCC Board Member

Adam White

Even in a new millennium, the problem of gender inequality continues to exist. An important platform for dialogue, Ariana promotes gender equality for all.

Human rights activist

Mabel Au

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