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Andrea Lo is a freelance journalist based in Hong Kong, covering culture, identity, F&B and travel. She is a culture columnist for The Loop and her work has appeared in CNN International, South China Morning Post and Tasting Kitchen, among others.


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Gender Equality

Last Word: Rediscovering Hong Kong photographer Nancy Sheung’s fantastical perspective

An independent spirit, Nancy Sheung found her voice in the male-dominated field of photography.

Last Word:nancy Sheung 01 Illustration By Lauren Crow Web

Last Word: Remembering Dr Joanna Tse, Hong Kong’s Daughter

Remembering Dr Joanna Tse Yuen-man, who lost her life while treating victims of SARS.

An illustration of Dr Joanna Tse. Credit: Lauren Crow
Gender Equality

Last Word: Remembering celebrated opera singer Barbara Fei

Barbara Fei used her gift to celebrate Chinese folk music and unite people through song.

Barbara Fei For Web
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