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Cathy is a freelance journalist from Macao who covers culture, history, social affairs, environment and societal issues. She is also the deputy editor of Ariana, a social justice magazine based in Hong Kong. Cathy is particularly passionate about environmental protection, and has taken part in several local eco-campaigns, from promoting waste awareness through to wildlife protection. Now based in Switzerland, she maintains her connection with her hometown through writing about its latest affairs and helping to organise the city’s environmental campaigns remotely.


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Setting The Stage: LGBT+ individuals struggle for representation in the entertainment industry

Despite wider acceptance in Hong Kong, LGBT+ individuals struggle for representation in the entertainment industry.

Feature Setting The Stage 05 Credit Karma Lo

Inside Blued: China’s Leading Gay Dating App Goes Global

Baoli Ma, the founder and CEO of online LGBT+ platform BlueCity, discusses the company’s rise and China’s emerging LGBT+ community.

Feature China's Leading Gay Dating App Goes Global 01 Credit Stefen Chow

On the Brink: Photojournalist Arati Kumar-Rao investigates the devastating impacts of climate change in South Asia

An environmental photographer and journalist, Arati Kumar-Rao hopes to inspire change by documenting the impact of climate change across marginalised communities in South ...

Credit: Arati Kumar-rao
News Feature

Unchecked trafficking takes a human toll in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, up to 9,000 migrant workers could be victims of human trafficking. We speak with the Justice Centre’s Rachel Li to find out why.

Credit: Bantersnaps on Unsplash

Sea of Hope: Hongkongers set sail for marine conservation

Setting sail from office life, Sarah Yip and Rex Law have devoted their time to researching Hong Kong’s endangered Chinese white dolphins.

Sarah Yip Takes The Helm Of Her Boat. May 5, 2020.
Ethnic Discrimination

Hong Kong politician Jeffrey Andrews says city must improve its treatment of ethnic minorities

This summer, Jeffrey Andrews became the first ethnic minority to run for the local council in Hong Kong. His dream? To bring real change for ethnic minorities, who face ...

Credit: Jeffrey Andrews

Buying time: Cracking open questions about egg freezing

Egg freezing gives women hope and time, but also raises questions about fertility rates, gender equality, parenting trends and economic disparity.

eggs by Szűcs László on Unsplash

Jobs, sports and community: Macao disability advocate unpacks how to support people with intellectual disabilities

Ada Lo, a member of the Macao government’s Rehabilitation Affairs Committee and longtime advocate for people with disabilities shares her thoughts on how vocational ...

Long Jump F Chio Hao Lei Session 09 20190320 010
Gender Equality

‘X也’and ‘Ta’: The gradual rise of gender-neutral pronouns in Chinese

We talk to transgender advocates about the evolution of non-binary pronouns in mainland China and Hong Kong.


What a waste: Recycling pioneer says Macao needs to tackle its rubbish problem

Without major changes, Macao is a long way away from a waste-free future, says environmental activist Benvinda dos Santos.

#NoPlasticPlease Group Photo
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