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Born and bred in Hong Kong, Chermaine Lee covers local and international issues ranging from human rights to climate change, mental health, and vulnerable populations in various mediums. When she’s not working on stories, she can be found reading dystopian novels, listening to rock music or playing with her cats.


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Sexual harassment: By the numbers

We take a look at global statistics related to sexual harassment and violence to better understand what's happening around the world.

Sexual Violence

A Deafening Silence: Male victims of sexual harassment open up about their traumas

Men around the world are opening up about their experiences of sexual harassment and violence. In Hong Kong, however, cultural taboos and obsolete laws stifle their voices.

Mental Health

NGO Focus: Why Mind Hong Kong believes discussing psychological wellbeing is essential

Local charity Mind Hong Kong has developed a series of training programmes and online resources to destigmatise mental health in Hong Kong.

Mind HK

Dying with Dignity: Should Hong Kong legalise euthanasia?

We explore the status of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Hong Kong and around the world.

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