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Fatima Qureshi is a Pakistani-Turkish journalist born and raised in Hong Kong. Currently based in Malaysia, she writes and produces podcasts on international affairs and underreported social issues with a sharp focus on immigration, power politics and activism. Fatima’s work is largely inspired by her experience working in grassroots organisations and campaigns on refugee and women’s rights causes.


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Bonding Over Food: Hong Kong asylum seekers share their stories over home-cooked meals

Table of Two Cities is a community project documenting the tales of asylum seekers through storytelling events, told through food.

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Gender Equality

Intersectional Discrimination: What it’s like to be a queer ethnic minority woman in Hong Kong

From domestic workers to human rights lawyers, queer ethnic minority women in Hong Kong face an onslaught of prejudice.

Mihai Surdu 1w0aqsms Ou Unsplash

A Contentious Pairing: Muslim and queer in Southeast Asia

Muslim leaders and worshippers across the region selectively cite ancient texts to justify LGBT+ suppression.

Feature A Contentious Pairing 01 Credit Lucy Engelman

Malagasy human trafficking victims seek refuge in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, victims of labour and sex trafficking are among the most vulnerable types of asylum seekers.

Onia Merina, a Malagasy woman who escaped a human trafficking ring in Fuzhou, China
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Lost Generation: The children of asylum seekers face an avalanche of challenges

Children in Hong Kong’s asylum-seeking community face numerous obstacles when it comes to education and psychological support, leading to a lack of purpose, stability and ...

A family from Togo finds themselves stranded in Hong Kong
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