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Mariana Cerini is a Hong Kong-based freelance journalist writing about travel, design, fashion and culture at large. She’s been in Asia since 2010. 


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Sexual Health

Go with the flow: Meet 3 of Asia’s period entrepreneurs

While menstrual shame continues to exist across cultures and countries in Asia (and the world), a new movement of reproductive health empowerment is slowly taking hold in the ...

Credit: Luuna Naturals

How to give back in Hong Kong during Covid-19

The pandemic has exposed an ever-widening gap between rich and poor in countries across the world -- Hong Kong included. But a number of local charities have been lending a ...

Credit: United Nations on Unsplash
Gender Equality

Her Voice: Photojournalist Nicole Tung on why she covers conflict zones

Photojournalist Nicole Tung shares her experience reporting in the world’s most dangerous conflict zones.

The Road To Mosul

Her Voice: 10 minutes with Jo Soo-Tang of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation

Jo Soo-Tang, the honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation Board of Governors (Stubbs Road), discusses her passion for philanthropy.

Women of Hope
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