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Tanja studied filmmaking and art in Lisbon and London before moving to Asia in 2006. With a passion for environmentalism, sustainable fashion, plastic pollution and eco-anxiety have led to photography exhibitions and public speaking on the topics. In 2017 she stopped buying new clothes, charity shops are where you’ll find her. And at Burning Man.


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Animal Welfare

Time is running out for these 5 endangered species in Asia

From the Javan rhino to the red orangutan, several species of animals in the region are rapidly disappearing.

Tiger by Rick L on Unsplash

What’s happening to our planet in 9 key numbers

From rising temperatures to expedited rates of extinction, our planet is facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change.

earth aerial view by Artur D.
Animal Welfare

Eradicating bear bile farming amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Jill Robinson, animal rights advocate and founder of animal protection group Animals Asia, shares her thoughts on animal welfare amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kevin On A Swing. Credit:

Personal Essay: Why I chose to be child-free

In her personal essay, Tanja Wessels explains why choosing a life without children works for her.

Tanja Wessels in Feature Article. Credit: Alex Macro

Art of Defiance: 6 refugees find purpose and passion

Having fled political instability and, in some cases, violence, these six Hong Kong-based asylum seekers and refugees share one thing in common: they are survivors.

Kaze Ndassi in his Lantau Island studio

Demystifying Death: A guide to the ‘death positive’ movement

The emerging ‘death positive’ movement has brought together people from all around the world to discuss grief, fear, and mortality.

Religious Offerings And Oil Lamps Floating On Water, Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
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