#01 Winter 2018

#01 Winter 2018 Issue Cover

In our debut issue of Ariana, we explore a range of social justice issues, such as sexual assault against domestic workers in Macao, menstruation taboos across Asia, how advancements in AI technology could aggravate violence against women, the innovative ways in which blockchain is being harnessed by human rights organisations, and much more.

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Articles in this issue


Last Word: How Ellen Li pushed gender equality forward in Hong Kong

Nearly a century ago, Dr Ellen Li began blazing a trail for women’s rights in Hong Kong.

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Artificial Intimacy: How AI could aggravate gender equality and sexual violence

As AI-equipped sex dolls evolve, we explore the ensuing intimacy issues.

The Wider Image: Smart Bots: China's Sex Doll Makers Jump On Ai Drive
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Broken Promises: Domestic workers confront abuse in Macao

Hong Kong lacks a comprehensive anti-trafficking law and migrant workers are paying the price.

Broken Promises Cover

The Pitch: Once a Mama, Always A Mama discusses marketing with Diana Wu David

Marina Watt, the co-founder of non-profit miscarriage support platform OAMA, met with mentor Diana Wu David to explore how to transform the project into a fully-fledged NGO.

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Life in 2050: Take a trip into the future

Based on real-life trends and developments, futurist Anna Simpson tells a fictional story of what life might be like for women three decades from now.

Am Dd I1 Hongkongcityscape

The Great Divide: What’s stopping Macao’s LGBT+ movement?

While Taiwan grapples with its path to LGBT equality, Macao’s LGBT movement is just getting started. But what took so long?

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World of Change: An anti-poaching squad, refugee assistance, and a crowdsourced harassment tracker

Impactful projects around the globe

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Chain Reaction: Meet the entrepreneurs harnessing blockchain for human rights

Around the world, blockchain is powering new ways to combat human trafficking, improve the lives of refugees, and empower migrant workers.

Chain Reaction

NGO Focus: 10 minutes with the Association of Women with Disabilities

The Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong is in the midst of a guerrilla battle’ to make their voices heard.

Q'sa Yuen (left), Edith Leung(centre) and Carmen Yau (right) from the Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong (AWDHK). Credit: Anthony Kwan
Gender Equality

Changing the Cycle: Confronting menstruation taboos in Asia

Menstruation has long been a taboo topic in many Asian nations. But a handful of advocates are working to change the conversation.

Changing the Cycle cover

When Two Worlds Collide: Eaton Workshop opens in Hong Kong

Activist, feminist and hotelier Katherine Lo is behind a new hospitality brand with community at its heart.

Katherine Lo Eaton Workshop

Through the Lens: To a Child Yet to Be Born

Poetry and photography in motion.

Through the Lens, Hong Kong school children
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