#02: Spring 2019

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"You have cancer." Three earth-shattering words that most of us are likely to hear at some point in our lifetimes. It could be you, your parents, partner, child, or best friend. Nearly everyone has been – or will be – affected by cancer in way one or another. In this issue, we address healthcare limitations, opportunistic pricing, barriers to timely care, powerful personal stories, and more.

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Losing my mother to glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive form of brain cancer

Our journey to find a cure for terminal brain cancer and how everything that could go wrong, did.

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Local Voices: Discussing cancer in Hong Kong and Macao

We ask doctors, industry professionals and cancer survivors in Hong Kong and Macao to shed light on often overlooked aspects of the disease.


Demystifying Death: A guide to the ‘death positive’ movement

The emerging ‘death positive’ movement has brought together people from all around the world to discuss grief, fear, and mortality.

Religious Offerings And Oil Lamps Floating On Water, Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Health on the Horizon: A peek into the future of healthcare in Asia

Asia’s future will be shaped by extreme living conditions, ageing populations, increasing wealth disparity and worsening air quality. But the region’s dynamic health tech ...

Padula Ariana Pillsfinalv02 Landscape

Last Word: Rebecca Chan, one of the most influential nurses in Hong Kong history

A World War II Flying Tigers nurse and educator, Rebecca Chan was one of the most influential medics in Hong Kong history.

Rebecca For Web

A Driving Force: Three women’s personal journeys with cancer

A survivor, a wife, a daughter. We trace the journeys of three women, each affected by cancer in their own way.

Doris Leung

Her Voice: 10 minutes with Nobel Prize winner Dr Donna Strickland

Nobel Prize winner Dr Donna Strickland discusses her pathway to physics.

Donna Strickland Web

Eco-Friendly Ending: This Hong Kong funeral service offers greener alternatives

From low-waste funeral options to biodegradable cardboard coffins, Hong Kong-based eco-funeral provider Forget-Thee-Not offers end of life options for a healthier environment.

Surgeon and environmentalist, Dr. Fan Ning.

What is a death doula?

What is a death doula? We speak with Christin Ament, a US-based integrative health practitioner and death doula, about her role in helping people navigate life and death.

Christinament Endoflifeceremony4 Copy

Dying with Dignity: Should Hong Kong legalise euthanasia?

We explore the status of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Hong Kong and around the world.

A photo of water. Credit: Akira Hojo/Unsplash

Through the Lens: A Day in the Life

Through the Lens champions creativity and collaboration. In this recurring series, we invite a poet and a photographer to capture Hong Kong from new perspectives.


NGO Focus: Chinese Medicine without Borders

Established by young medical practitioners in Hong Kong, Chinese Medicine for All caters to the medical needs of underprivileged communities and promotes traditional Chinese ...

Chinese medicine without borders

Answers in Anomalies: Researchers at CUHK develop new strategies for early cancer detection

When it comes to cancer research, Rossa Chiu and her team of chemical pathologists have made their mark on the world stage with advancements in early cancer detection.

Rossa Chiu

The Pitch: Priyanka Gothi sets out to re-invent retirement

Priyanka Gothi, founder of senior employment programme Wise At Work, quizzed industry veteran Dr Alice Yuk about how to sustain a successful social enterprise.

Priyanka Gothi and Dr Alice Yuk discuss social enterprise strategies

Pricing out Patients: In Hong Kong, fast, effective treatment comes at a cost

Lengthy waits and rising costs have created a healthcare system in which only the affluent can access fast, effective treatment in the private sector.

Money and pills

World of Change: Empowering photo projects, eradicating bail, and boxing for mental health

Impactful projects that empower and inspire

© Ana Caroline De Lima Maria:fotodocument:lendwithcare Maria Juana Ecuador

Screen Time: Is breast-cancer screening the right move?

An estimated 700 women will die of breast cancer in Hong Kong this year. The government is under mounting pressure to introduce a population-wide screening programme to ...

Comparative Mammogram

The Cannabis Conundrum: What’s thwarting access to medical marijuana in Asia?

For many advocates, medical marijuana is the next frontier in cancer treatment. But in Asia, a lack of legislation and research thwarts access.

Medical Cannabis ( Marijuana ) Oil Isolated On White Background. Credit:

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