#03: Summer 2019

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Since 2006 when New York civil rights activist Tarana Burke first coined the term, the #MeToo Movement has led to an outpouring of allegations, countless resignations and indictments – showing just how deeply sexual harassment has penetrated our society. This profound reckoning across society has motivated the Ariana team to share stories of sexual violence as well as unpack the psychological, professional, and legal ramifications.

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Sexual violence: Need-to-know terms and definitions

We asked Rainlily, the city’s first crisis centre for survivors of sexual violence, to help us unpack commonly used terms and how they’re applied in Hong Kong.

Aboutus Header

The Initiative: Activism through art, dance, and technology

Four impactful projects around the globe offering support to communities in need.

Looking Backward To Tomorrow. Choreography A. Ayuso Image By Eugenia Morales

Last Word: Remembering Sister Mary Aquinas, who dedicated her life to fighting tuberculosis

A doctor and Irish nun, Sister Mary Aquinas joined the battle against tuberculosis in Hong Kong.

Sister For Web
Sexual Violence

The Seawall: Living in a world of constant surveillance

In a world of total surveillance, some secrets remain.

The wall illustration

Through the Lens: Prisoners of an Island

Original poetry written in Chinese Through the Lens champions creativity and collaboration. In this recurring series, we invite a poet and a photographer to capture Hong ...


Her Voice: 10 minutes with Jo Soo-Tang of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation

Jo Soo-Tang, the honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation Board of Governors (Stubbs Road), discusses her passion for philanthropy.

Women of Hope
Domestic Workers

An Impossible Choice: Domestic workers in Macao must choose before justice or their jobs

Thousands of Southeast Asian women arrive in Macao every year in search of a better income. Instead, mounting debt and restrictive visa conditions leave many of them in ...

Windy Tanedo walking down the stairs of her boarding house in Macao
Sexual Violence

A Deafening Silence: Male victims of sexual harassment open up about their traumas

Men around the world are opening up about their experiences of sexual harassment and violence. In Hong Kong, however, cultural taboos and obsolete laws stifle their voices.

Sexual Violence

What Lies Beneath: One woman’s healing journey after rape and sexual abuse

Severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts have followed one woman like a shadow since childhood.

What lies beneath
Sexual Violence

A Matter Of Time: Why don’t more victims report sexual abuse?

As women speak up around the world, some communities are more accepting than others.

Ikuko Ishida speaks during an interview
Sexual Violence

Justice On Hold: Why sexual harassment in the workplace often goes unreported

Sexual harassment in the workplace is widespread in Hong Kong, but entrenched cultural norms and a retrograde legal system continue to impede justice.

Glitch In The Machine
Mental Health

NGO Focus: Why Mind Hong Kong believes discussing psychological wellbeing is essential

Local charity Mind Hong Kong has developed a series of training programmes and online resources to destigmatise mental health in Hong Kong.

Mind HK
Sexual Violence

Healing Through Art: Photographer Stephanie Teng empowers victims of sexual abuse

Stephanie Teng captures the psychological impact of sexual harassment, assault and rape in a cathartic photography series.

Stephanie Teng photography

The Pitch: Two teenagers share their vision for an anti-harassment platform

On a mission to help students suffering from harassment, teenage siblings Sophia and Abraham Chan discuss how to secure investment with industry veteran Ada Yip.

Siblings Sophia and Abraham

Local Voices: Discussing sexual violence and harassment in Hong Kong and Macao

We ask lawmakers, lawyers, victims, students and social organisations to share their thoughts on sexual harassment in Hong Kong and Macao.

A victim of sexual violence in Hong Kong

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