#04: Winter 2019

#04: Winter 2019 Issue Cover

Ariana delves into a critical topic that affects millions around the world: forced migration. We talk with six asylum seekers in Hong Kong who fled their homes but never lost their determination, chronicle the challenges of women who have been trafficked from Madagascar to China, unpack Hong Kong's complicated non-refoulment procedures, analyze biased reporting by some media outlets, and explore what humane resettlement could look like.

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A Global Crisis: The plight of refugees by the numbers

We explain the plight of refugees around the world through statistics and infographics.

Img Herobanner

Art of Defiance: 6 refugees find purpose and passion

Having fled political instability and, in some cases, violence, these six Hong Kong-based asylum seekers and refugees share one thing in common: they are survivors.

Kaze Ndassi in his Lantau Island studio

Utopia: A day in the life of a Hong Kong asylum seeker

From the Greek ou (not) and topos (place), utopia literally means 'non-place'. Through this lens, Hong Kong is a utopia, a 'non-place' for asylum seekers. Home, too, is ...

Refugee struggling

Local Voices: Discussing the plight of Asylum Seekers

We ask activists and refugees, students, journalists, professors, and lawmakers about issues facing asylum seekers in Hong Kong and Macao.

20180924 Dsc07069b
Gender Equality

Her Voice: Photojournalist Nicole Tung on why she covers conflict zones

Photojournalist Nicole Tung shares her experience reporting in the world’s most dangerous conflict zones.

The Road To Mosul

Malagasy human trafficking victims seek refuge in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, victims of labour and sex trafficking are among the most vulnerable types of asylum seekers.

Onia Merina, a Malagasy woman who escaped a human trafficking ring in Fuzhou, China
Domestic Workers

The Pitch: The Women’s Foundation CEO shares a few words of advice to Fair Employment Agency

Fiona Nott, CEO of The Women’s Foundation, offers advice on fundraising, creative marketing, and the importance of building relationships to Fair Employment Foundation's ...

Fiona Nott and Zofia Niesterowicz-Lawrence

World of Change: Free daycare, non-binary portraits, and artistic pursuits

Four impactful projects take us around the world, from a drama academy in India to a transgender portrait series in the UK.

World of Change
Long Reads

Lost Generation: The children of asylum seekers face an avalanche of challenges

Children in Hong Kong’s asylum-seeking community face numerous obstacles when it comes to education and psychological support, leading to a lack of purpose, stability and ...

A family from Togo finds themselves stranded in Hong Kong
Long Reads

A Safe Haven: What humane resettlement could look like

When thousands fled the war in Vietnam four decades ago, Macao’s refugee camps proved that resettlement can be humane.

Refugees waiting to be transferred to one of Macao's camps
Domestic Workers

Making An Impact: Splash teaches domestic workers and children how to swim

Local charity Splash Foundation helps foreign domestic workers and underprivileged children gain confidence – in and out of the water.

Splash swimmer

Canary in the Coalmine: Climate crises and trafficking are more connected than one might think

As widespread environmental catastrophe looms larger, climate-driven migration crises are becoming a stark reality

Gloria Garcia, a sex trafficking survivor from Concepcion, Philippines

The Other 1 Per Cent: Hong Kong rarely approves protection claims to resettle refugees

Hong Kong approves less than one per cent of asylum claims, making it one of the most challenging places to seek protection in the developed world.

Ww2ff23ww Transfer 2

Trial By Media: How some Chinese media have stoked racism

Some Chinese-language newspapers in Hong Kong have published biased reports about ethnic minorities for years. But the tides may be turning.

Ng Fung-sheung, founder of the Hong Kong Society for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Gender Equality

Last Word: Remembering celebrated opera singer Barbara Fei

Barbara Fei used her gift to celebrate Chinese folk music and unite people through song.

Barbara Fei For Web

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