#05: Spring 2020

#05: Spring 2020 Issue Cover

Reproductive rights are about much more than the prevailing pro-life versus pro-choice abortion debate or access to contraception. It’s a human rights discussion that affects everyone. In this edition of Ariana, we interview women across society: teenage girls driven to black-market abortion clinics, women who are freezing their eggs, transgender women seeking better reproductive health services, and surrogates in India preparing for strict new legislation.

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Articles in this issue

Sex Education

Essential Terms: Sexual and reproductive rights

From assisted reproductive technology to egg freezing, learn about essential terms used in discourse about sexual and reproductive rights.

Josefin Aed9rphm2ia Unsplash

Life Studies: Navigating reproductive ethical dilemmas

Experts from the fields of religion, biology, and psychology unpack challenging ethical dilemmas.

A Woman In Black Dress Is Holding A Sonogram Of A Baby

World of Change: Breast cancer rowers, solar engineers, and underwater experiments

Explore social projects around the globe, from a dragon boat team formed by breast cancer survivors to a school training women to be solar engineers.

Cebu Pink Paddlers

The Pitch: Sai Kung Stray Friends founder Narelle Pamuk learns how to pitch sponsors

Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation’s founder Narelle Pamuk learns how to pitch sponsors from Hong Kong Round Table’s Jonathan Benarr.


Right At Home: How Cradle of Hope supports Macao’s most vulnerable children

Cradle of Hope provides shelter and developmental support to vulnerable children in Macao.

Cradle of Hope

Live and Learn: Culture news for April 2020

A selection of thought-provoking documentaries, books and podcasts from the Ariana team.

Disney Takes Full Control Of Hulu As War On Netflix Heats Up

Her Voice: SENsational Consultancy’s Faride Shroff on why inclusivity is essential

Faride Shroff, the founder of SENsational Consultancy, explains why she’s working to cultivate a more inclusive workforce.

Faride Shroff

By the numbers: Sexual and reproductive health around the world

A deep dive into reproductive rights and health issues around the world.

Ariana 05 Reproductive Rights Cover. Credit: Yankov Wong

Surrogacy Shortcomings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based lawyer Evelyn Tsao unpacks the city's surrogacy laws and their impact on same-sex couples.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Let’s Talk About Sex: Macao’s religiously affiliated schools design their own curriculums

For many students in Macao, progressive sexuality education is still off the table.

Half Page 2 (1202)

Out of Step: How Hong Kong reproductive healthcare fails transgender men

Hong Kong’s sex education and health care provisions are failing transgender patients.

Ariana Secondary Survey
Reproductive Rights

Invisible Tolls: Roadblocks to timely abortions in Hong Kong

Long waits and social stigma hinder young women from obtaining safe, timely abortion services.

Invisible Tolls

Tomorrow’s Harvest: What you should know about egg freezing

Egg-freezing offers women greater reproductive freedom, but does it come at a cost?


The Surrogates: Is India’s strict new surrogacy law the wrong move?

For many women, India’s surrogacy programme has led to greater financial empowerment. But a new law could put an end to the practice.

Surrogates at the Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute. Photo: Deepti Asthana

Personal Essay: Why I chose to be child-free

In her personal essay, Tanja Wessels explains why choosing a life without children works for her.

Tanja Wessels in Feature Article. Credit: Alex Macro

Local Voices: Breaking The Cycle

We speak with doctors, lawyers, professors, and teenagers about reproductive rights in the SARs.

Local Voices Reproductive Rights

Through the Lens: Under the Sky

Through the Lens is a recurring photography and poetry series that champions creativity and collaboration. In this edition, we invited a Macao photographer and a Hong ...

4. 20190923 Oldtownmacau Williamliu 40

Last Word: Remembering Dr Joanna Tse, Hong Kong’s Daughter

Remembering Dr Joanna Tse Yuen-man, who lost her life while treating victims of SARS.

An illustration of Dr Joanna Tse. Credit: Lauren Crow

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