#06: Autumn | Winter 2020

#06: Autumn | Winter 2020 Issue Cover

Dedicated to LGBT+ issues, one of the longest-standing forms of prejudice in the world, Ariana’s Autumn-Winter 2020 issue is our densest issue yet. We’ve approached the topic from many angles, including language, culture, religion and legal implications. In our features, read about everything from inclusive LGBT+ language to the stories of brave LGBT+ individuals in Hong Kong, the importance of same-sex marriage, hormone blocking medicines for transgender youth, discrimination against queer women of colour, and more.

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Hearts & Minds: Teaching LGBT+ acceptance in schools

LGBT+ acceptance should be taught during children’s formative school years, but Hong Kong’s sexual education system often falls short.

Feature Heart And Mind 01 Credit Jerry Wang

Roots Run Deep: How history and culture impact LGBT+ acceptance in Asia

From ancient history to modern times, we explore social sentiments, cultural norms and religious influences across three regions – Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines ...

Feature Roots Run Deep 01 Credit Lucy Engelman
Gender Equality

Her Voice: Sanjam Gupta is empowering women in the maritime industry

Sitara Shipping’s Sanjam Gupta explains how she’s connecting and empowering women in India’s maritime industry.

Ros 8423

By The Numbers: The State of LGBT+ Rights

A look at the state of LGBT+ rights in Hong Kong, Macao and around the world.

Daniel James on Unsplash

Setting The Stage: LGBT+ individuals struggle for representation in the entertainment industry

Despite wider acceptance in Hong Kong, LGBT+ individuals struggle for representation in the entertainment industry.

Feature Setting The Stage 05 Credit Karma Lo
Gender Equality

Intersectional Discrimination: What it’s like to be a queer ethnic minority woman in Hong Kong

From domestic workers to human rights lawyers, queer ethnic minority women in Hong Kong face an onslaught of prejudice.

Mihai Surdu 1w0aqsms Ou Unsplash

In Focus: Greening Hong Kong

The Conservancy Association advocates for Hong Kong’s biodiversity, sustainable farming practices and greater environmental awareness.

Credit: The Conservancy Association

Why do some Christian churches oppose the LGBT+ community?

We ask two experts to explain the long-standing, complicated tension between the church and LGBT+ individuals.

Feature A Heavy Cross To Bear 01 Credit Ben Marans

A Contentious Pairing: Muslim and queer in Southeast Asia

Muslim leaders and worshippers across the region selectively cite ancient texts to justify LGBT+ suppression.

Feature A Contentious Pairing 01 Credit Lucy Engelman

The Pitch: Kids4Kids founder Michele Lai plans new fundraising strategies with Jen Loong

Kids4Kids founder Michele Lai explores how to take her charity to the next level with help from startup expert Jen Loong.


Inside Blued: China’s Leading Gay Dating App Goes Global

Baoli Ma, the founder and CEO of online LGBT+ platform BlueCity, discusses the company’s rise and China’s emerging LGBT+ community.

Feature China's Leading Gay Dating App Goes Global 01 Credit Stefen Chow
Sexual Health

Pressing Pause: How hormone-blockers can aid transgender youth

How hormone blockers can buy time for transgender youth dreading the physical and psychological stresses that come with puberty.

Feature Pressing Pause 02 Credit Karmo Lo
Gender Equality

Last Word: Rediscovering Hong Kong photographer Nancy Sheung’s fantastical perspective

An independent spirit, Nancy Sheung found her voice in the male-dominated field of photography.

Last Word:nancy Sheung 01 Illustration By Lauren Crow Web

LGBT is Not Me: Why LGBT+ umbrella terms fall short

Hong Kong’s sexual and gender minorities are looking for more precise, inclusive LGBT+ umbrella terms.

Feature Lgbt Is Not Me 01 Credit Lucy Engelman

The Initiative: Changing the world through photography, art and film

Mental health in Hong Kong, rainforest recovery in Brazil, artistic empowerment in Sierra Leone... these initiatives will restore your faith in humanity.

The Stone A Mental Health Awareness Project Credit Nic Gaunt

Through The Lens: Mrs Wong & Mrs Zheng

Through the Lens is a recurring photography and poetry series that champions creativity and collaboration. Produced by storytelling platform Spill Stories, this edition ...

Through The Lens 01 Mrs Wong Credit Linda Cheung

Local Voices: LGBT+ Issues are a Community Matter

We ask professors, students, activists and allies to take the temperature of LGBT+ rights in Hong Kong and Macao.

Credit: Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Opinion: Leveraging Hong Kong’s discrimination laws to protects transgender individuals

Hong Kong’s existing anti-discrimination laws offer limited protections when it comes to transgender individuals, according to Mohan Datwani, a member of the Equal ...

Feature Leveraging The Law 01 Credit Samuel Miller

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