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By The Numbers: The State of LGBT+ Rights

A look at the state of LGBT+ rights in Hong Kong, Macao and around the world.

28 Dec, 2020

Ariana 05 Reproductive Rights Cover. Credit: Yankov Wong

By the numbers: Sexual and reproductive health around the world

A deep dive into reproductive rights and health issues around the world.

1 Apr, 2020


Sexual harassment: By the numbers

We take a look at global statistics related to sexual harassment and violence to better understand what's happening around the world.

12 Feb, 2020

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A Global Crisis: The plight of refugees by the numbers

We explain the plight of refugees around the world through statistics and infographics.

1 Dec, 2019

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Sexual violence: Need-to-know terms and definitions

We asked Rainlily, the city’s first crisis centre for survivors of sexual violence, to help us unpack commonly used terms and how they’re applied in Hong Kong.

1 Aug, 2019

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