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Through the Lens: Under the Sky

Through the Lens is a recurring photography and poetry series that champions creativity and collaboration. In this edition, we invited a Macao photographer and a Hong Kong-based poet to share their perspectives.

A bud waits for the sun, opens its arms,
Its parent ascends in resilience
Sense of belonging is like rooted plants,
A secure feeling when holding hands

1. 20190908 Oldtownmacau Williamliu 6

Old shophouses narrate a story
A humbling abode of past glory
Memorable talks with a little game
Only friends are left to share the pain

2. 20190908 Oldtownmacau Williamliu 21

Green parks filled with people’s daze
Responding in an amiable gaze
Excitement bright, dancing in the eye,
A oneness of community under the sky

3. 20190923 Oldtownmacau Williamliu 38

Little help when the body turns weak,
A slowdown in life as it completes,
Contemplating identity it tells thee:
‘Age singles out but doesn’t restrict me.’

4. 20190923 Oldtownmacau Williamliu 40