Credit: The Conservancy Association
News Feature

In Focus: Greening Hong Kong

The Conservancy Association advocates for Hong Kong’s biodiversity, sustainable farming practices and greater environmental awareness.

21 Dec, 2020

Titticut Follies
News Feature

Live and Learn: Books, documentaries and podcast recommendations

A selection of thought-provoking documentaries, books and podcasts from the Ariana team.

8 Dec, 2020

Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Youth in Focus: Gaurika Pant imagines a world with zero trash in our oceans

Seventeen-year-old Gaurika Pant takes on Hong Kong’s climate and environmental crises through research, school strikes, public awareness campaigns, practical lifestyle changes and meaningful artwork.

5 Nov, 2020

Credit: Arati Kumar-rao

On the Brink: Photojournalist Arati Kumar-Rao investigates the devastating impacts of climate change in South Asia

An environmental photographer and journalist, Arati Kumar-Rao hopes to inspire change by documenting the impact of climate change across marginalised communities in South Asia.

29 Oct, 2020

Credit: TEDxTinHau
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Join TEDxTinHau Countdown to rally for climate change during Covid-19

As the pandemic looms large, TEDxTinHau Countdown will dedicate this year’s event to climate change with a mix of in-person and live-streamed events on Saturday, 17 October.

14 Oct, 2020

Sarah Yip Takes The Helm Of Her Boat. May 5, 2020.
News Feature

Sea of Hope: Hongkongers set sail for marine conservation

Setting sail from office life, Sarah Yip and Rex Law have devoted their time to researching Hong Kong’s endangered Chinese white dolphins.

12 Sep, 2020

Evan Clark on Unsplash
News Feature

Hong Kong’s animal shelters overwhelmed during Covid-19

The city’s shelters and rescue groups are struggling to care for the growing numbers of homeless cats and dogs, which have been surrendered or abandoned by their owners.

10 Sep, 2020

Adam Niescioruk on Unsplash
News Feature

Medical masks are magnifying Hong Kong’s ongoing pollution crisis

Disposable Covid-19 gear has led to widespread pollution across Hong Kong. Let's talk about mask waste, and better alternatives.

26 Aug, 2020

Tiger by Rick L on Unsplash
News Feature

Time is running out for these 5 endangered species in Asia

From the Javan rhino to the red orangutan, several species of animals in the region are rapidly disappearing.

3 Jul, 2020

#NoPlasticPlease Group Photo

What a waste: Recycling pioneer says Macao needs to tackle its rubbish problem

Without major changes, Macao is a long way away from a waste-free future, says environmental activist Benvinda dos Santos.

18 Jun, 2020

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