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Feature Roots Run Deep 01 Credit Lucy Engelman
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Roots Run Deep: How history and culture impact LGBT+ acceptance in Asia

From ancient history to modern times, we explore social sentiments, cultural norms and religious influences across three regions – Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines – to better understand ...

29 Dec, 2020

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Mark your calendar: Essential social justice dates for 2021

From World Toilet Day to International Press Freedom Day, we look at the origins and inspiration behind five global movements.

29 Dec, 2020

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Her Voice: Sanjam Gupta is empowering women in the maritime industry

Sitara Shipping’s Sanjam Gupta explains how she’s connecting and empowering women in India’s maritime industry.

29 Dec, 2020

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Intersectional Discrimination: What it’s like to be a queer ethnic minority woman in Hong Kong

From domestic workers to human rights lawyers, queer ethnic minority women in Hong Kong face an onslaught of prejudice.

21 Dec, 2020

Last Word:nancy Sheung 01 Illustration By Lauren Crow Web
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Last Word: Rediscovering Hong Kong photographer Nancy Sheung’s fantastical perspective

An independent spirit, Nancy Sheung found her voice in the male-dominated field of photography.

15 Dec, 2020

Feature:the Ultimate Exclusion 06 Credit Karmo Lo
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The Ultimate Exclusion: It’s time to recognise same-sex marriage in Hong Kong

Hong Kong does not recognise same-sex marriage, barring couples from many of the rights and benefits that come with legal matrimony.

8 Dec, 2020

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Portraits Of Diversity: 3 personal stories from LGBT+ Hongkongers

Every day, members of Hong Kong’s LGBT+ community face exclusion, harassment and inequality. We hear the personal stories of three individuals who overcame pain and adversity on their journeys to ...

2 Dec, 2020

Credit: Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Local Voices: LGBT+ Issues are a Community Matter

We ask professors, students, activists and allies to take the temperature of LGBT+ rights in Hong Kong and Macao.

29 Nov, 2020

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Abortions on lockdown: How the US ‘global gag rule’ impacts the reproductive health of women around the world

Since US President Trump further expanded the controversial global gag rule in 2019, the US has cut off over US$8.8 billion in funding for foreign NGOs, leaving millions without access to ...

19 Nov, 2020

Credit: Luuna Naturals
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Go with the flow: Meet 3 of Asia’s period entrepreneurs

While menstrual shame continues to exist across cultures and countries in Asia (and the world), a new movement of reproductive health empowerment is slowly taking hold in the region.

13 Nov, 2020

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