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Eco-Friendly Ending: This Hong Kong funeral service offers greener alternatives

From low-waste funeral options to biodegradable cardboard coffins, Hong Kong-based eco-funeral provider Forget-Thee-Not offers end of life options for a healthier environment.

Dr. Fan Ning is a surgeon and an environmentalist, as well as the chairman of Hong Kong-based eco-funeral provider Forget-Thee-Not. The service offers progressive advice and support for the bereaved, including low-waste funeral options, personalised cardboard coffins and organ donation. The company also provides advice and support for the living, from financial advice to family relationship management.

“Having a choice in facing death is very important. It also demonstrates a kind of autonomy. Meaningful things can be done by the family, even towards the end, such as fulfilling a loved one’s final wish, or accomplishing a task that they want to do together, rebuilding a relationship, resolving conflicts, finding the friends or relatives they want to engage with before they lose consciousness,” he says. “It’s about how you bring joy and reduce loneliness towards the end.”