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Abortions on lockdown: How the US ‘global gag rule’ impacts the reproductive health of women around the world

Since US President Trump further expanded the controversial global gag rule in 2019, the US has cut off over US$8.8 billion in funding for foreign NGOs, leaving millions without access to ...

19 Nov, 2020

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The meaning behind LGBT+ terms

A guide to need-to-know LGBT-related terms and the meanings behind them.

17 Jul, 2020

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Essential Terms: Sexual and reproductive rights

From assisted reproductive technology to egg freezing, learn about essential terms used in discourse about sexual and reproductive rights.

23 Apr, 2020

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Macao’s religiously affiliated schools design their own curriculums

For many students in Macao, progressive sexuality education is still off the table.

1 Apr, 2020

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Out of Step: How Hong Kong reproductive healthcare fails transgender men

Hong Kong’s sex education and health care provisions are failing transgender patients.

1 Apr, 2020

Invisible Tolls
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Invisible Tolls: Roadblocks to timely abortions in Hong Kong

Long waits and social stigma hinder young women from obtaining safe, timely abortion services.

1 Apr, 2020

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