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Mark your calendar: Essential social justice dates for 2021

From World Toilet Day to International Press Freedom Day, we look at the origins and inspiration behind five global movements.

29 Dec, 2020

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The Pitch: Kids4Kids founder Michele Lai plans new fundraising strategies with Jen Loong

Kids4Kids founder Michele Lai explores how to take her charity to the next level with help from startup expert Jen Loong.

15 Dec, 2020

Titticut Follies
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Live and Learn: Books, documentaries and podcast recommendations

A selection of thought-provoking documentaries, books and podcasts from the Ariana team.

8 Dec, 2020

The Stone A Mental Health Awareness Project Credit Nic Gaunt
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The Initiative: Changing the world through photography, art and film

Mental health in Hong Kong, rainforest recovery in Brazil, artistic empowerment in Sierra Leone... these initiatives will restore your faith in humanity.

2 Dec, 2020

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Abortions on lockdown: How the US ‘global gag rule’ impacts the reproductive health of women around the world

Since US President Trump further expanded the controversial global gag rule in 2019, the US has cut off over US$8.8 billion in funding for foreign NGOs, leaving millions without access to ...

19 Nov, 2020

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How to give back in Hong Kong during Covid-19

The pandemic has exposed an ever-widening gap between rich and poor in countries across the world -- Hong Kong included. But a number of local charities have been lending a hand to support the ...

12 Nov, 2020

Credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Youth in Focus: Gaurika Pant imagines a world with zero trash in our oceans

Seventeen-year-old Gaurika Pant takes on Hong Kong’s climate and environmental crises through research, school strikes, public awareness campaigns, practical lifestyle changes and meaningful artwork.

5 Nov, 2020

Credit: TEDxTinHau
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Join TEDxTinHau Countdown to rally for climate change during Covid-19

As the pandemic looms large, TEDxTinHau Countdown will dedicate this year’s event to climate change with a mix of in-person and live-streamed events on Saturday, 17 October.

14 Oct, 2020

Credit: Damon Lam on Unsplash

Youth in Focus: Students helping students in Hong Kong

In 2019, Hong Kong secondary school student Reese Wong founded the Inter-school Social Issues Association, an ambitious platform for young social justice warriors, with plans to launch the city’s ...

5 Oct, 2020

Regina Larko #impact Podcast
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#impact: A Hong Kong podcast that cares

We caught up with #impact podcast founder and host, Regina Larko, who is on a mission to raise awareness about social issues in Hong Kong.

25 Sep, 2020

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