Feature Heart And Mind 01 Credit Jerry Wang
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Hearts & Minds: Teaching LGBT+ acceptance in schools

LGBT+ acceptance should be taught during children’s formative school years, but Hong Kong’s sexual education system often falls short.

29 Dec, 2020

Feature Roots Run Deep 01 Credit Lucy Engelman
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Roots Run Deep: How history and culture impact LGBT+ acceptance in Asia

From ancient history to modern times, we explore social sentiments, cultural norms and religious influences across three regions – Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines – to better understand ...

29 Dec, 2020

Daniel James on Unsplash

By The Numbers: The State of LGBT+ Rights

A look at the state of LGBT+ rights in Hong Kong, Macao and around the world.

28 Dec, 2020

Feature Setting The Stage 05 Credit Karma Lo
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Setting The Stage: LGBT+ individuals struggle for representation in the entertainment industry

Despite wider acceptance in Hong Kong, LGBT+ individuals struggle for representation in the entertainment industry.

21 Dec, 2020

Mihai Surdu 1w0aqsms Ou Unsplash

Intersectional Discrimination: What it’s like to be a queer ethnic minority woman in Hong Kong

From domestic workers to human rights lawyers, queer ethnic minority women in Hong Kong face an onslaught of prejudice.

21 Dec, 2020

Feature A Heavy Cross To Bear 01 Credit Ben Marans

Why do some Christian churches oppose the LGBT+ community?

We ask two experts to explain the long-standing, complicated tension between the church and LGBT+ individuals.

21 Dec, 2020

Feature A Contentious Pairing 01 Credit Lucy Engelman

A Contentious Pairing: Muslim and queer in Southeast Asia

Muslim leaders and worshippers across the region selectively cite ancient texts to justify LGBT+ suppression.

21 Dec, 2020

Feature China's Leading Gay Dating App Goes Global 01 Credit Stefen Chow
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Inside Blued: China’s Leading Gay Dating App Goes Global

Baoli Ma, the founder and CEO of online LGBT+ platform BlueCity, discusses the company’s rise and China’s emerging LGBT+ community.

15 Dec, 2020

Feature Pressing Pause 02 Credit Karmo Lo
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Pressing Pause: How hormone-blockers can aid transgender youth

How hormone blockers can buy time for transgender youth dreading the physical and psychological stresses that come with puberty.

15 Dec, 2020

Titticut Follies
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Live and Learn: Books, documentaries and podcast recommendations

A selection of thought-provoking documentaries, books and podcasts from the Ariana team.

8 Dec, 2020

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