Sexual Violence

South Korea's MeToo Movement. Credit: RaDragon on Unsplash.
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The stories behind modern women’s rights movements across the world

From Chile to the US, India and South Korea, women’s calls for safety and equality are taking different forms around the world.

10 Jun, 2020

Yumi Ishikawa speaks with press. Credit: Nanami Miyamoto
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#KuToo: Japanese women are saying no to high heels – here’s why

Yumi Ishikawa, founder of Japan’s KuToo movement, is working to ban compulsory high heels and slut-shaming

25 May, 2020

Disney Takes Full Control Of Hulu As War On Netflix Heats Up
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Live and Learn: Culture news for April 2020

A selection of thought-provoking documentaries, books and podcasts from the Ariana team.

1 Apr, 2020


Sexual harassment: By the numbers

We take a look at global statistics related to sexual harassment and violence to better understand what's happening around the world.

12 Feb, 2020

Onia Merina, a Malagasy woman who escaped a human trafficking ring in Fuzhou, China
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Malagasy human trafficking victims seek refuge in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, victims of labour and sex trafficking are among the most vulnerable types of asylum seekers.

1 Dec, 2019

The wall illustration
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The Seawall: Living in a world of constant surveillance

In a world of total surveillance, some secrets remain.

1 Aug, 2019

Windy Tanedo walking down the stairs of her boarding house in Macao
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An Impossible Choice: Domestic workers in Macao must choose before justice or their jobs

Thousands of Southeast Asian women arrive in Macao every year in search of a better income. Instead, mounting debt and restrictive visa conditions leave many of them in vulnerable situations.

1 Aug, 2019

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A Deafening Silence: Male victims of sexual harassment open up about their traumas

Men around the world are opening up about their experiences of sexual harassment and violence. In Hong Kong, however, cultural taboos and obsolete laws stifle their voices.

1 Aug, 2019

What lies beneath
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What Lies Beneath: One woman’s healing journey after rape and sexual abuse

Severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts have followed one woman like a shadow since childhood.

1 Aug, 2019

Ikuko Ishida speaks during an interview
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A Matter Of Time: Why don’t more victims report sexual abuse?

As women speak up around the world, some communities are more accepting than others.

1 Aug, 2019

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